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Extended Enterprise

Expand your business insights beyond the traditional network.
Bring industrial and Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints into the IT fold.

Read At-a-Glance

Benefit with Extended Enterprise

Extend the benefits of intent-based networking beyond your office walls. 

Automate and go fast

Reduce costs with centralized operations extending to the outdoor/industrial network.

Act with insight

Increase IT productivity by monitoring the complete network topology for easy troubleshooting.

Protect the business

Address threats and vulnerabilities by expanding consistent policy out to rugged environments.

By 2020, 46% of network devices will be IoT devices

Enhance visibility and access control for devices in four easy steps.

What customers are saying

"With Cisco, today's railroad can run on complex analytics. It's a major breakthrough that's unlocked insights into what's happening on a second-by-second basis."

Jason Brown, CIO, Rio Grande Pacific Corporation

Extend your enterprise's reach

Embrace the outdoor or industrial part of your business with security and simplicity.

Industrial switches

  • Automated configuration and streamline management with Cisco DNA
  • Purpose-built for harsh environments
  • High-density PoE for IoT

Industrial routers

  • Withstand hostile environments and a wide temperature range
  • Facilitate highly available, highly secure communications
  • Oversee IoT gateway tasks

Industrial wireless

  • Highly scalable coverage and reliable connectivity in rugged locations
  • Highly resistant to harsh temperatures and weather conditions
  • Extend connectivity beyond the building for people, applications, and network resources

IOx edge computing

  • Develop IoT business applications at the edge
  • Quickly reach business outcomes associated with IoT initiatives
  • Process high volumes of data in the fog

DNA Center

  • Centralize complete network management and provisioning
  • Reduce costs with automated, policy-driven deployment
  • Predict problems early with actionable insights


  • Get a wired and wireless architecture to meet changing demands
  • Adapt to mobile demand
  • Prepare for IoT growth
  • Help secure your network from evolving threats

Start your journey today with Cisco Services

See how we can help you innovate faster, stay competitive, reduce costs, simplify, and keep your information secure.

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