Build smarter, safer, and healthier communities and countries in a digital era.

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With digital transformation, countries and communities around the world can reduce costs, improve government operational efficiency, and enhance citizen services. Cisco, along with our ecosystem partners, is helping government organizations transform processes, implement a secure architecture, and deliver visionary solutions. Cisco serves:

  • National government agencies


    National government agencies
  • Regional and local government agencies


    Regional and local government agencies
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I need to…

Keep my community safe

Address citizen needs for digital services 24 hours daily.

Protect data and information

Build digital trust and defend cybersecurity threats.

Improve agency collaboration

Connect agencies, employees, and citizens from any device.

Strengthen my citizen experience

Improve citizen services and engagement.

Automate justice workflow

Increase the speed of justice, and create safer experiences.

Build a responsive government

Increase access, simplify information and streamline processes.

Smithsonian preserves heritage with digitization

Smithsonian preserves heritage with digitization

"It’s the backbone that makes the magic happen. Once you have optical fiber, you’re only limited by your imagination."

Martin Beckman, Director, IT Operations, Smithsonian Institution

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U.S. government

U.S. government

Build smarter, safer, and healthier communities.  

Global government

Global government

Enable greater connectivity, productivity, and security.

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Submit Your Application!

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