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Transforming Humanitarian Aid

Combining Mercy Corps' 40 years of experience in humanitarian aid and Cisco's expertise in network technology, we've embarked on a 5-year venture to build new partnerships, develop better processes, and experiment with innovative tools to deliver aid faster, more efficiently, and to more people.

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Our impact in Year 1

1 million people

Over 1 million people around the world have benefited from partnership initiatives in Year 1

7 countries

7 countries have localized versions of Signpost, a web resource Mercy Corps and partners developed to help crisis-affected people access critical information 

45 hotspots

45 hotspots helped refugees and migrants in Europe stay connected in Year 1

Technology for Impact initiatives

Our partnership with Mercy Corps is empowering people to overcome crisis, build better lives, and transform communities by innovating the way we approach global humanitarian responses. Our top objectives include:

  • Improving privacy, security, and management of sensitive personal data and information
  • Collecting and analyzing data to make programs more effective
  • Building digital communities where displaced people can find information and resources, and connect youth, education, and livelihood programs
  • Testing emerging technology solutions in the field


Since its launch, Signpost has reached more than 840,000 people. Mercy Corps and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) co-developed Signpost in 2015 to connect refugees to critical information and resources as they search for safety, security, and a better life for their families.

Signpost helps refugees start over

When refugees and displaced people arrive at a temporary settlement, they must navigate a complex and unfamiliar system to begin rebuilding their lives. See how Signpost helps them connect to critical information and resources.

“The Cisco partnership gives us the freedom to think more broadly than expanding to new locations or populations. We’re thinking about other ways we can be communicating on digital platforms with our beneficiaries, and also how we can help them communicate with each other.”

Meghann Rhynard-Geil,
Technology for Impact Digital Communities lead, Mercy Corps

Data-driven by design

Big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) can create a more inclusive global community, but only if demand exists, capabilities grow, and we advance these technologies in an ethical way.

In the past year, Mercy Corps has been working with industry-leading technology partners to improve its capacity to collect, analyze, and apply insights from multiple sources of data. This has allowed Mercy Corps to automate tasks that would have required hours of manual effort, crunching volumes of data quickly to reveal connections, insights, and critical information.

With Mercy Corps, we're seeing the power of the network, and the data analysis it enables, to bring meaningful social change around the world.


66% increase

In Jordan, Mercy Corps runs psychosocial support sessions for vulnerable youth. After applying data-driven insights about course scheduling and location to encourage attendance, Mercy Corps saw a 66% increase in participation among male students.

A bridge to a better world

You can help Mercy Corps meet the urgent needs of today and build a better, brighter future for communities around the world.